Iglu Building

Session One- 1 hour theory; Session Two- 2.5 hours outdoors, cutting blocks; Session Three- 2.5 hours outdoors assembling blocks

$1000/group. Maximum 25 participants

In this hands-on workshop, students learn how iglu blocks are cut and how iglus are constructed. Students will also learn how a traditional Inuit iglu was arranged on the inside. Students will work in small groups to create their very own iglu village.

Outdoor Safety and Survival

Cold/Warm Weather Theory: 6 hours; $675

Cold Weather Practical: 6 hours; $975

Warm Weather Practical: 6 hours; $775

Students gain valuable knowledge and skills that increase chances of survival in a remote northern environment.

Minimizing Wildlife Hazards

Course length: 1 hour

Cost: $75

Students learn how to safely manage various types of animal encounters.

Environmental Illnesses: First Aid Prevention

1.5 Hours; $75

Students learn how to recognize symptoms of environmental illnesses, as well as how to administer First Aid and prevent them. Upon successful completion, students will understand signs, symptoms, First Aod and prevention of the following illnesses: Hypothermia/hyperthermia, frostbite, carbon monoxide poisoning, frozen lung, and snow blindness.

Harvesting the Northern Wild

Two 1.5 hour sessions; $200

Upon successful completion, students will have learned how to identify and harvest several edible northern berries. Students will also learn how to process the berries to make freezer jam.