Igloo Building

Session One- 1 hour theory; Session Two- 2.5 hours outdoors, cutting blocks; Session Three- 2.5 hours outdoors assembling blocks

$1500/group. Maximum 20 participants

In this hands-on workshop, students learn how igloo blocks are cut and how igloos are constructed. Students will also learn how a traditional Inuit igloo was arranged on the inside. Students will work in small groups to create their very own igloo village.

Outdoor Safety and Survival

Learn from experienced Northerners life-saving knowledge and skills that increase chances of survival in a remote northern environment.

Contact us to design a survival training program that meets the unique needs and schedule of your group.

Harvesting the Northern Wild

2 hours.  $500 per group of up to 6 people

Students learn how to identify, harvest and safely prepare various edible northern plants and berries (and what ones to stay away from!)