Cathy cameron river ferry editedCathy Allooloo

Cathy is an Honours graduate (1979) from the University of Alberta Physical Education Program, where she majored in Outdoor Education. Cathy has a deep appreciation for the North and its Peoples, and is an excellent source of information both of Yellowknife and the North. She has been teaching paddling since 1977 and her experiences include a stint on Canada’s Whitewater Kayak Racing Team.

Cathy moved north in 1981 to teach canoeing and kayaking. She has demonstrated her commitment to the preservation of traditional knowledge through her work documenting and teaching traditional Inuit games, igloo building, and arctic survival.

Cathy has been teaching outdoor pursuits in Yellowknife and across the North for 39 years and has personally instructed thousands of course participants. She has completed several instructional manuals (e.g. Canoe and Kayak building, Arctic Safety and Survival, Emergency Shelter Construction).

She has traveled extensively throughout the NWT and Nunavut, teaching outdoor pursuits, first aid, and spending time with the family.

Her favourite pastimes include skijoring, hunting, and camping with her family.

11045454_10152667113786697_3151020462269461224_nTiffany Ayalik

Tiffany was born and raised in Yellowknife and is of Inuit ancestry. She attended University of Alberta where she graduated with a degree in theatre. Tiffany travels the world acting and speaking about Inuit culture. You might recognize her from her Juno Award Winning band, Quantum Tangle! She is also a certified Paddle Canada Canoeing Instructor Trainer and a Kayak Instructor. Tiffany’s favourite pastimes include camping with her family.



Devon resume photoDevon Allooloo

Devon is of Inuit ancestry and has lived in the North all his life. Growing up, he spent a great deal of time on the land hunting and camping with his parents, sometimes for several weeks at a time. Devon’s patience and determination have made him a skilled hunter, including with bow and arrow. Devon is an accomplished outdoors-man and guide. He is trained in wilderness survival and is a certified instructor in first aid, canoeing, and motor boat safety. Devon is also an experienced trapper and his furs are renowned at international auctions for their high quality and attention to detail. 


Grace ClarkGrace

Grace has been an adventurer ever since she was young, whether it was paddling the North Arm with family, or spending 5 nights sleeping in Quinzhee shelter and learning about Winter Survival with her classmates.

Grace was in French Immersion from kindergarten through to Grade 12, and she is proud to say she graduated with her bilingual certificate. Now, she is currently taking the Contemporary Music & Technology program in Nelson, B.C and loves living in and exploring the mountains there. However, her favourite trips have always been when she is back home with her family and friends in Yellowknife, and she’s eager to continue exploring the lakes and rivers of the North.

Grace has been a part of the NARWAL Team for many years, and loves playing fiddle for the Floating Dinner Theatres with her twin sister Sophie. She is excited to be receiving her Paddle Canada Instructors Certification this summer.

Although Grace enjoys the peace that comes with paddling, you’ll know it’s her on the lake because she’s always singing! 

Ssophieophie Clark

Sophie is taking a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. Growing up in Yellowknife she spent many summers out on the water doing canoe trips to places like the North Arm and Faber Lake. Her search for adventure has also brought her to Camp Wanapitei, on Temagami Lake, Ontario, where she took part in a beginner two-week white-water paddling trip.

Sophie has been a part of the NARWAL Team for a few years and started off playing fiddle for the Floating Dinner Theatres with her twin sister Grace. Just like her sister she also took French Immersion throughout her school years and graduated with a bilingual certificate.

Sophie has always been curious and willing to learn new things; she also enjoys sharing new-found knowledge with those around her. She is excited to share her love for the outdoors and to help others see how wonderful nature can be.

Sophie always shows up with a smile and an eagerness to have a great time.


Brandon Mack

Brandon was born and raised in Yellowknife and is a descent of the Dene and Dehcho First Nations. Growing up in Yellowknife, he was naturally drawn to activities that took place outdoors such as hunting, hiking, canoeing, snowboarding, photography, etc. After graduating from high school, Brandon moved to Canmore, Alberta for a year to explore his passions and interests; this is where he fell in love with the outdoor adventure industry.

The following year he moved to Lindsay, Ontario to study Outdoor Adventure Education at Fleming College. There he practiced various activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, white-water rafting, and much more.

Brandon absolutely loves conversing over anything that has to do with the outdoors; trips, gear, safety, photography, paddle strokes.. you name it. He is eager to not only share his knowledge, but soak in as much as he can as he believes you can never have enough!