Canoe/Kayak/SUP Rental

Launch right from our yard into Great Slave Lake or strap to your car and choose your waterway!
RATES (throw bags included) After5pm 1day 2days 3days 4days 5days
Canoe, 2 paddles/PFDs, 1bailer $40 $45 $75 $105 $130 $155
Kayak, 1 paddle, PFD, skirt $35 $45 $75 $105 $130 $155
Tandem kayak, 2 paddles/PFDs $45 $55 $85 $120 $150 $180
SUP Board, 1 paddle, PFD $40 $45 $75 $105 $130 $155

*Extended rental rates available.  Contact us

Reserve now by downloading our form, click here:  Paddling Equipment Rental Agreement 2019  Complete your reservation by filling out this form and emailing it to:  

Your boat rental is confirmed when we email you a reservation number.

NOTE: A $10 loading fee may be assessed to boats that are loaded on vehicles and removed from site. Ropes/straps provided at no cost.

Trailering, ONE WAY: In Town- $50. Ingraham Trail- $150. Frank Channel- $230. Add $5 loading fee per boat.

Traditional Clothing Rental


Dress in traditional Inuit clothing when you go on a NARWAL tour. Makes for fantastic photos!