Registration Packages

We do recommend you contact us before filling out your form. We are happy to help you select the best course for your interest and skill level. 873-6443

You can also email us (the best option on our end!) and we can send you a registration package in both PDF and fillable format.

There is also always the option of dropping by for a chat as you fill out your form. Coffee is usually on!

Each participant is required to complete a separate form.

Please note that for most courses there are two waivers that require your signature, one from the NARWAL Registration Package and one from Paddle Canada. Signatures on the NARWAL waiver are a requirement of our insurance provider, and the Paddle Canada waiver is required in order for us to issue you or your child a certificate upon successful completion of the program. Please be assured that, despite the necessity of the waivers, NARWAL has an excellent safety record, and has been in operation for decades, training thousands of participants in its various programs, without incident.

If you are electronically submitting your forms, please remember to bring your original forms to your first class.


2019 Child and Youth Course Registration Package

Paddle Canada Minor Waiver

002 General Information


2019 ADULT Course Registration Package

Paddle Canada Waiver Adult

002 General Information