First Aid Courses

Standard First Aid (16 hours)

Learn to effectively manage the scene of an emergency, administering first aid to a person who becomes suddenly ill or injured. The St. John Ambulance SFA with CPR ‘C’ and AED curriculum is covered.

Wilderness First Aid (3 days)

Learn to deal with medical emergencies in a wilderness setting, including extended care, evacuation, and basic survival skills. The St. John Ambulance Wilderness First Aid lll curriculum is covered.

Babysitter First Aid (8 hours)

Topics covered include basic child and infant care and safety as well as how to deal with chocking and breathing emergencies in infants and young children.

Emergency First Aid (8 hours)

Students learn how to effectively manage the scene of an emergency and administer first aid in a variety of situations. Topics: emergency scene management, shock, unconsciousness, fainting, artificial respiration (adult), choking (adult), sever bleeding, cardiovascular emergencies & one-rescuer CPR (adult).

First Aid