How do I get to NARWAL?

I do not offer a shuttle service; however there is reliable taxi service from the airport that should cost around $20. Usually there are taxis waiting at the airport and the ride to my home should take around 10 minutes. Most taxis know where NARWAL B&B is located. If not, my address is 4702 Anderson-Thomson Boulevard. Please remember to tell the taxi driver BOULEVARD and not TOWER to avoid confusion.

Proceed down Franklin Ave. (50th Ave.) toward Old Town. Turn left on Hamilton Drive (just past the Fritz Thiel Ball Diamond). Turn right on Lois Lane. Turn left on Anderson-Thomson Blvd. We are the last house on the left (4702). Please remember that we live in a residential neighborhood. Your adherence to posted speed limits is appreciated.

Is there parking at NARWAL?

We do have a few parking spots in front of NARWAL, but parking space on Anderson Thomson Boulevard is limited. Participants are encouraged to park at the Fritz Thiel Ball Diamond (by the Racquet Club).  Proceed through Josephine Walzer Park toward Back Bay.  Our house is the last house on the left. There is a green chain-link fence. Please watch out for our friendly puppies who might try to escape.

Does NARWAL rent winter clothing?

Traditional Inuit clothing can be rented for NARWAL tour participants, however, we do not rent any other winter gear.

 Can I bring my own paddling equipment?

As long as your paddling equipment adheres with Transport Canada’s laws then you may bring it on the lake. NARWAL however, will provide the following paddling equipment for all programs: boat, PFD (lifejacket), paddle, bailer/pump, 15m floating line, and paddle float (kayak). There is no reduction in price if a participant brings their own gear. If there is a pool session portion to your program, please do not bring your paddling equipment to that session.

Can I skip the lake paddling course and register for the river course?

If you would like to skip the lake paddling course, you will have to either show a Paddle Canada lake certificate, or be evaluated by one of our Paddle Canada instructors. NARWAL deems the lake course a prerequisite because we teach important rescues, strokes, and theory that lay a foundation of paddling knowledge before heading down a river.