Culture Programs

Iglu Building

Session One- 1 hour theory; Session Two- 2.5 hours outdoors, cutting blocks; Sessoion Three-2.5 hours outdoors, assembling blocks.

$1000/group, Maximum 25

In this hands-on workshop, students learn how iglu blocks are cut and how iglus are constructed. Students will also learn how a traditional Inuit iglu was arranged on the inside. Students will work in small groups to create their very own iglu village.

Traditional Inuit and Dene Games

$500/half day; $750/full day

Students learn about several traditional Inuit and Dene games and their significance in Inuit and Dene culture. Students will have a chance to try the games for themselves.

Traditional Inuit Drum and Throat Singing

1 hour; $150

Students learn how songs were made and why, how to play some basic games, some throat songs.

Dramatized Inuit Legends

1 hour; $500

Students learn about traditional Inuit life through various short skits.

Traditional Inuit Clothing

1 hour; $150

Students learn about traditional materials and methods for making Inuit clothing.