How do I get to NARWAL?

I do not offer a shuttle service; however there is reliable taxi service from the airport that should cost around $20. Usually there are taxis waiting at the airport and the ride to my home should take around 10 minutes. Most taxis know where NARWAL B&B is located. If not, my address is 4702 Anderson-Thomson Boulevard. Please remember to tell the taxi driver BOULEVARD and not TOWER to avoid confusion.

Proceed down Franklin Ave. (50th Ave.) toward Old Town. Turn left on Hamilton Drive (just past the Fritz Thiel Ball Diamond). Turn right on Lois Lane. Turn left on Anderson-Thomson Blvd. We are the last house on the left (4702). Please remember that we live in a residential neighborhood. Your adherence to posted speed limits is appreciated.

What is the best way to get around in Yellowknife?

Rent a car

A car can give you flexibility to travel around in town and see the sites, although this can also be accomplished by hiring a taxi. There will of course be costs associated with renting a vehicle. If you are renting a car in winter, most people need to plug in their cars at night if the temperature gets below -15 C in order to keep the battery blanket and oil pan heater warm. Because of the very high electrical costs here in Yellowknife, there is an extra cost of $10/day for this service. I have only 2 spots available for car plug-ins, so it is best to reserve your plug in spot in advance. Also keep in mind that caution is required when driving vehicles in snowy conditions, especially if you are not accustomed to this.

Hire a taxi

There are several taxi companies here in town that provide prompt and reliable service. Please note: taxi drivers are not authorized and licensed to guide aurora tours.

Join a tour

There are quite a few tour companies in town that offer amazing northern light tours. Here is a link to a few: http://visityellowknife.com/things-to-do/aurora  These companies are generally very knowledgeable about the aurora, and most are skilled at helping with aurora photography.  Of course there is a cost associated with going with a tour company.

What is the best way to see the aurora?

The decision whether to go with a tour company or do something on your own is entirely up to you. Some of our guests do one or the other, or some go with a guided tour on some nights and self-guided on other nights.

If the northern lights are out, you should be able to see them from anywhere, even in front of the house, as long as the sky is not cloudy. If, however, you travel away from the city lights, the aurora will likely appear more intense.

Sometimes guided tours offer more than just aurora viewing, which is nice especially if the aurora decide they do not want to dance for you. Most tour operators are also very knowledgeable about the aurora and can offer lots of advice regarding aurora photography. The other consideration of course is that you will be paying for this service.

I cannot recommend any particular tour company because they are all different in what they offer, but I would recommend going online and check out the different tours to get a better idea of which one will best suit what you are looking for, if you decide to go with a tour company. The Northern Frontier Visitor’s Centre (www.visityellowknife.com) is an excellent resource. 

Can I check-out after 11am?

Please let us know upon arrival if you would like a late check-out. We can’t always provide one, however, sometimes it is possible if nobody is immediately checking in to the room after you. If necessary, you are welcome to store your luggage under the front steps and retrieve it later. Keep in mind that any belongings left are done so at your own risk.

Can I check-in after 9pm?

NARWAL B&B’s check-in times are from 3pm-9pm, however, we understand that not all plans can coordinate with this. Once you are confirmed you will receive an email from NARWAL with a House Map and Guest Orientation documents. The documents explain how you can access your room without a staff member’s help. In the morning, you can find a staff member in the office upstairs and they can officially check you in.