Emerging Strong in 2020

The last few months have been a challenge for all of us as we navigate rocky bends in uncharted rivers! Here at NARWAL we have been working very hard to re-invent what we have done so well for the past 39 years – train our clients and staff how to be safe!

Following careful consideration, planning and re-organizing, we are super excited to be once again open for local business! Come on in for details on our Rentals, Training, Youth Camps and Tours.

We hope that 2020 will be your summer to discover some amazing experiences within our own backyard. Find out first hand why thousands of visitors consider Yellowknife a bucket-list travel destination!

In addition, we are hoping you will invite us to help you expand your own skills and experiences this summer, with the help of our seasoned, long-term northern staff.

We appreciate your commitment to support LOCAL.

See you on the water!

Cathy Allooloo



Cathy and Jack peeling out at Tartan

Jack and Cathy Peeling Out

Jack and Cathy Peeling Out

NARWAL has had the privilege of mentoring 7 amazing students for over 50 hours of training during the spring of 2019 as they prepared for their Nahanni River Adventure. Wishing them safe journeys both on the river and into their futures, which look very promising for this group of young people!

Grade 8 Day Trips

The 2019 Summer Season has officially commenced! We have been up the river with YK1 grade 8’s this week and enjoyed some beautiful weather before the snow decided to come back. The students had lunch on sunny Cinnamon Island followed by a nature walk where they learned about the local flora. A Spruce Grouse even made a special guest appearance during our walk. We hope the students take these memories with them and we wish them all the best as they head off to high-school. 



Safety & Rescue with YK1

Hats off to YK1 and their commitment to ensuring that our young people are safe and active in the outdoors. This week every grade 8 student in the district will have an opportunity to learn valuable safety and rescue skills in the comfort and safety of the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool. Training time will be followed by a tour up the Yellowknife River in our beautiful voyageur canoes.20180507_111617