YK1 Voyageur Canoe Tours

Everything is coming into full swing here at NARWAL. The summer staff is slowly trickling in (we are just waiting on Emily), most of our pool sessions for the schools have been completed, and we have now started taking groups up the Yellowknife River.

On May 30th we took a great group of students from William McDonald Middle School up to Cinnamon Island. Most of these students had taken the Lake Canoe Level 1 & 2 course for their upcoming Hidden Lake trip, so they were excellent paddlers! Although it was a windy day, we got up the river at a pretty fast pace and the boats were full of singing students.


Summer 2016!

Our summer tours and courses brochure is heading to the printer! Watch for it in your mailbox, or check out our website for info on our summer programs!

School Programs

We are starting our week in the swimming Pool with the William McDonald School Grade 7s. Tips and rescues will be on the agenda!